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So many different & tasty products we can make from sheep & lamb. Pastrami, smoked sandwich toppings, sausages, lovely pate, spicy ribs ready for the grill & a magically good bresaola seasoned with wine & salt and then air-dried for a month or so. Yes, it's actually only the imagination that sets the limits. In April we will open the farm shop again but already now it is good to book the Easter lamb box which contains details from our grass-eating lambs that grow up outdoors, butchered & cut up at a small & local butchery. The meat is vacuum packed, marked & just put in the fridge or freezer.
Open 10-12
Saturday 1th April
Sunday 2nd April
Thursday 6th April
Friday 7th April
Saturday 8th April

Lamb boxes 2023
Delivery end of March - beginning of April

Lamb cut for the grill

SEK 239/kg, approx. 12-18 kg Contents:  sliced ​​steak, bog, chops, currants & minced meat 


Lamb gourmet cut, boneless cutting except for racks.

SEK 265/kg, about 10-12 kg Contents: boneless steak & rib, racks, entrecote, inner & outer fillet & minced meat

We  also take back piece parts for sale in the farm shop. ​


Boneless roast    SEK 289/kg

Minced lamb      SEK 229/kg

Lamb fillet          SEK 49-/hg

Rack of lamb      SEK 49/hg

Lamb entrecote  SEK 39/hg


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