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Our Story

It was a bit of a coincidence that we ended up in Mårdaklev. A five-year plan that became a half-year plan. But what to do when the dream place shows up. We were ready to take the next step in life. To develop our current business.
And suddenly it appeared, Klevs Gästgiveri, on the border between Västergötland and Halland. Located in a small village next to Ätran with historical houses, a wonderful garden and a nature reserve as nearest neighbor.
Here you will find hiking and biking trails that takes you through cultural-historical environments. The genuine and well-preserved countryside offers beautiful lakes with
clear water that invites you to swim. The area also contains a very important ingredient -
a myriad of small-scale businesses like our own. 

Om oss.jpg
So here we are, in the middle of our life - enjoying the nature, the silence, the bird song & the fantastic countryside on the swedish westcoast. 
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