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Sustainability - our philosophy

We believe in an inclusive activity where respect for people, the local community, food, animals and nature runs as a common thread through the ongoing sustainability work.


With us, the visitor feels welcome. Our guests are treated with respect and kindness. We are clear in our communication and strive to be a knowledge-spreading and service-minded facility with good local knowledge.


Our staff feel job satisfaction and receive clear information about the business so that they feel secure in their role and can in turn provide the customer with service, knowledge and local knowledge.


Sustainability work is constantly permeating everything we do. With clear information, the guest is well acquainted with the facility's ongoing sustainability work.


In our lamb production, we take into account the animals' natural needs and work for a safe and stress-free environment and communicate this to our guests.


In the restaurant, we strive for zero percent food waste. We use locally produced ingredients without unnecessary additives. Dinners are pre-booked, leftovers are recycled to be finally composted and returned to the soil.


The business benefits the local economy through collaboration with local food craftsmen and service companies. Our guests are well aware of this collaboration.


Our activities are always performed with regard to animals and nature. With planning, communication and information before and during the activity, the guest feels well taken care of and safe.

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