"Be a local"

Food & Drinks

We really like our locals, and are happy to introduce them to you. At Klev you get the best of swedish countryside life; stunning nature, friendly people, outdoor activities, lovely places, silence and good food.
Our philosophy is "local food" with fresh, sustainable sourced ingredients that we are proud to cook & serve. Often lamb meat from the farm and vegetables & cheese from a farmer we know.
The drinks comes from small scale producers in our county. The tastes are great, and as a famous chef once said "real food does not have ingredients, real food is ingredients".
Open hours
Indoor restaurant with table
booking will be open on, also
outdoor tables if the sun shines.

Friday 11 June
Pizza made in our
outdoor kitchen with
small salad

Saturday 12 June
3-course dinner
Barbeque plate from our
outdoor kitchen
Strawberries with
Elderflower & cream

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what time you wish to eat.

Cov-19 restrictions allow
4 persons/table

See you at Klev