Sheep philosophy

We love our sheep & lambs. They  graze in spring, summer & autumn close to the lake Fegen.  The colorful sheep are an old swedish breed called Gestrikefår. During winter they have free access to hay & the cozy stable.The lambs are born in april and only a few days old they play around with their friends.

During summer the sheep & lambs graze together. In autumn we move the young rams to their own pasture and let our old ram, the father of all lambs, look after them. To minimize the stress, we drive the animals ourselves in to a small & local slaughterhouse.

Our grazing animals are valuable, keeping the landscapes open & give us meat & sheepskin.


As our guest you must try the sheperds pizza, our lamb burger with rubarb chutney or lamb racks spiced with garden mint and a lot of love.


Want a cozy and warm hug for the winter? Our sheep-skins are made into sustainable products with either the mineral alum or the bark type Tara. 

Hemma på Klev, Klevs Gästgivaregård 1

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